NOUHAUS® ErgoTask - Ergonomic Task Office Chair with Headrest

Color Gloss Black


Until now, the humble task chair was pushed to the side of the room, or under desks as the “cheap, basic” way to sit for a few hours. But we discovered (after building our ErgoDRAFT) that it didn’t take much to turn a space saving basic into comfortable all-day long seating. Task… meet ergonomics!


  • High Back Design for Total Thoracic Support
  • Height Variable Arms: Adjust and lean with secure vertical and horizontal strength
  • 2D-Adjust Headrest: Adjusts up and down with ErgoTilt for ideal neck placement
  • 135 Degree 2:1 Synchro Recline: For Combined Backrest and Seat Adjustment, with Recline Lock
  • Built-In Bag / Coat Hanger
  • Class-4 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Gas Lift


Width 25.98” x Depth 25.39” x Max Height 48.62” 


Ergonomic Office Chair / Task Chair

HD ElastoMesh and Soft PU Coated Armrests

XL Blade Wheels

5-Point Heavy Duty Nylon Wheelbase

Chair Weight 33.51 lbs

240 lbs

5’4” – 6’2” (See Diagram for Exact Measurements)





40.12 lbs

W28.3" x D13.8" x H25.6"

*3-year base warranty, extendable 5 years. Visit for more info.


Breathable Mesh
Nylon Wheel Base
Synchro Recline
Blade Wheels
Adjustable Headrest
Class 4 Gaslift
Cloths/Bag Hanger
Height Adjustable Armrest

No More Wriggling Around To Get Comfy

The ErgoTASK... The Task Chair that thinks it’s an Ergonomic Office Chair

In a basic task chair, you may find yourself wriggling around, adding props or simply just “making do with what you've got.” But the ErgoTASK conforms to you. The contoured 2D Head/Neck Support adjusts up and down, while tilting forwards and back for optimized head position. And the 135 Degree 2:1 Synchro Recline, allows you to recline the highback simultaneously with your seat. So whether you're in the office, classroom, dorm room, or bedroom, you now have a much comfier alternative without any sacrifice.

You Do You... Because The ErgoTASK Has Got You!

Go ahead, lean in to it, because the strong, height variable arms with comfortable Soft-Grip PU support you fully, as you sit back (or lean in) to think. Are you a left leaner to a right? Forwards or back? You do you because we've got you! The built-in coat/bag hanger holds things securely off the floor while speedy smooth Blade Wheels let you glide in and out of your desk and across floors with ease. So satisfying! And the soft, breathable ElastoMesh seat is curved for max comfort.

Available In 2 Fashion Colors

Life isn’t just black or white, and neither are our chairs! Go ahead and choose from Gloss Black and Gloss Grey.