For anyone who loves massages
AND beautiful furniture


 MEET "the original"

The massage chair that started it all

When it comes to the massage chair, many of them are quite an eyesore. Some of them look like dentist chairs, while others resemble one man spacecraft or an exo-skeleton. And while most massage chairs feel amazing, the bulky style and strange design is a smudge on your home décor. You only use it for half an hour a day, and the rest of the time it sits there as a hefty eyesore.

… But NOT this massage chair.

It’s a portable massage chair that looks as good as it feels! Notice the modern half-dome, stylish base, beautiful colors and compact size. Perhaps you’re imagining it right now in your home. But what you can’t see is our robust massage chair technology underneath. It’s one smart and beautiful seat!

The Only Chair
To Do This…

While other massage chairs are big and bulky, "The Original" is designed to complement décor, and function as a regular lounge chair when not in use. It’s the only massage chair on the market with this versatility.

Is The N-0001 Right
For You?

"The Original" sits 20” off the ground, comes with ottoman, and takes a max weight of 250lbs and max hip width of 40”. Seeing that these specs are perfect for you, you can order "The Original" with confidence.

Easy on The Body,
and The Eye!

It’s mid-century modern shape lends itself to retro colors. "The Original" is available in Mustard, Burgundy and Brown, PU Leather with Luxury Diamond Cut Stitching. Imagine which color looks best and give it a go!

Assembly Required

As soon as your chair arrives all you need to do is find a tranquil massage corner, and attach the base. It’s a light 47.7 lbs too! Set your massage type and relax, admiring how smart you are for choosing "The Original"!


Instead of building a new room for a bulky massage chair, every chair in the NouChair range fits in with your decor. "The Original" is not a recliner, but features a slight incline and 45-Degree Swivel in a classic 5-Point Base. It's made with durable PU Leather in 3 retro inspired colors - Mustard, Burgundy or Brown. The matching ottoman finished the look for a chair that fits even without the massage!


Sit Back and Finally Get The Massage You Crave, With "THE ORIGINAL".

Total Spine Rollers massage you from your neck all the way down your lower back with 35 deep pressure kneads per minute. 3x Airbags massage your hips and glutes while the neck cushion can be removed to offer deeper, stronger massage. "The Original" also features a heating function for even greater tension relief. Finally, multiple settings let you spot massage a sore spot, or enjoy a full body massage. Pop your feet up on the Ottoman that comes with your chair and sink deep into comfort, relaxation and bliss.