Ergo Series

Ergo 3D


For a chair that goes beyond ergonomics, one that conforms to your body and your life, take a seat with the Ergo3D. The 4D-Orbital Armrests glide and tilt to a perfect and precise position, while our unique ‘Just-For-Me’ Lumbar Support System adjusts and hugs your back into perfect alignment to reduce compression and pain. The Ergo3D is so comfy, you’ll forget you’re even working.

Ergo Series

Ergo Pro


Search Ergo3D on Google and you’ll find our popular chair in all the top 10 office chair lists on page one! And you can see thousands of people online reviewing and raving about it. So, because you loved it so much, we decided to create a functional luxury upgrade with smooth, silent Nouhaus PRO Wheels and adjustable everything! It was an already great chair, but now it’s even better!

Ergo Series

Ergo Flip


Some days you just need an office chair that’s both armless, and in arms reach. You know, like those times when you’re leaning back, thinking deep on a problem with both arms propped at your side. And then there are those other times when you need to scooch in nice and close to your desk and don’t need armrests getting in your way. Work flexible, with ErgoFlip

Ergo Series

Ergo Task


Until now, the humble task chair was pushed to the side of the room, or under desks as the “cheap, basic” way to sit for a few hours. But we discovered (after building our ErgoDRAFT) that it didn’t take much to turn a space saving basic into comfortable all-day long seating. Task… meet ergonomics!

Ergo Series

Ergo Draft


Life has a funny way of bringing us things we never knew we needed. Like The ErgoDRAFT. It’s the tall ergonomic office chair (with footrest) that you were looking for of course, but with features like High Back, 2D-Adjust Head Rest, and 2:1 Synchro Recline it offers a little extra Comfort, On Purpose.

Power Sofa & Module Sofabed

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