NOUHAUS®: Going Beyond Function and Form

We all know that form follows function, but so much of the mass-produced furniture industry has forgotten that there’s a lot of freedom inside that old cliché. Yes, your furniture should be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice beauty. And just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean it can’t be something you love to sit in. We’ve proved that.

Top view of a person working on a blueprint of a massage chair.


We set out to create furniture for today’s sophisticated consumer. Someone who wants a piece that fits their lifestyle, both in terms of how it looks and how it’s used in their daily life. That’s why we’ve, from the beginning, focused on dismantling that idea that furniture should focus on only one thing, either form or function. Because whether you’re starting your day behind your desk or coming home after a full day of work, sitting in one of our pieces should feel like a luxury, not a burden.

A blueprint of a massage chair.

We Like to Call It, Wisdom-Infused Seating

That wisdom comes from every member of our NOUHAUS® team. Creative designers. Architects. Posturologists. Engineers. All of them are working together to create furniture that you want to both experience and admire.

It starts with thoughtful design. It includes high-quality materials. And it’s capped by a fully in-house manufacturing and distribution process that ensures your experience with NOUHAUS—from picking your piece to finally seeing it in your home and sitting in it for the first time—is one that’s second to none.