NOUHAUS : Architects of Meaningful Seating – Going Beyond Function and Form

Since separating ourselves from the world of mass produced furniture, it’s become our mission to go beyond the old idea that furniture should only focus on one thing. In today’s smart and capable world, design without function makes no sense, neither does function without beauty, middle-men and cheaply-made. Now, all-encompassing furniture is no longer a luxury that comes with a sacrifice, but instead a luxurious, meaningful must-have for anyone who chooses it.



Staring your desk at the start of a long day, or coming home after a long shift can feel even longer without meaningful seating. Time and comfort blur into the same burden.

So, standing behind your NOUHAUS chair is a caring, full service inhaus team.

Each team includes no less than a full time Creative Designer, Architect, Posturologist, and Engineer. And when you consider the Precision Mechanics, Ergonomic Shape, and Mid Century Design on the N-0001, you can agree this cohesive team working together is crucial.

Costly, unknown outsourcing is not an option.

We Call It: Wisdom Infused Seating

We don’t outsource manufacturing or mass produce for big box stores. In fact, we’re so human-centric, our mail clerks could pop down to the Factory Floor or into the Design Pod to check in on their chair anytime. And while it’s not handmade or bespoke, it has the same thoughtful vibe.




At NOUHAUS (pron: Noo-House), we don’t hire external freight companies either. Yep, you guessed it, we do that too! Not only is ordering easy, but it’s also easy for us to track exactly where your order is. Because let’s face it, we’ve all experienced a time where someone tried to pass blame to another person for a missing or broken order. Frustrating, right? Our customer service team is also here in the United States, and you can call, email or chat to us any time.

So, without all those middle men, markups and mess-ups it’s now easy to see how we infuse each chair with Beauty, Function and Affordability. Being architects of meaningful seating is easy when you care. It’s also fun – because we get to hang out on comfy chairs all day.

We look forward to helping you find your ‘noufavorite’ chair soon!