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The Benefits of the Module

When it comes to design and build, the Ergonomic Module Sofa Bed stands out among the rest of its contenders. Who says you have to compromise style for comfort and vice versa? 

From the way the Module can grab your immediate attention to the cloud-like feel of the cushion, here are all the reasons you should consider investing in the module. 

  • Timeless Design

We are all too familiar with the outdated designs of sofa beds. The clunky metal bars/support, the overly thick bed cushions, and dull colors often steer buyers in another direction. But modern times come with modern designs at Nouhaus.

Our designers have taken the concept of sofa beds and add a timeless and contemporary design. As a sofa, it makes an excellent centerpiece in your living space. As a bed, it oozes a sense of comfort and relaxation. The variety of colors to choose from gives you the flexibility to find the perfect complementary sofa piece for your living room, work office, or lounge area.


Module Sofa

  • Multi-functional

Whether someone’s staying over, and you need the extra bed or you ever want to enjoy a good movie in bed, a sofa bed is a two-in-one every homeowner should have. This gives you all the flexibility in the world to change your space according to your needs.

For managers, the module is a great touch to your office. During the day keep it as a sofa, and during office parties and get-togethers, transform it into a bed so multiple people can gather around all at once. With a sofa bed, you can get creative with the use of your space.

Module Sofa Bed

  • Saves you space

Let’s be honest, not all of us are blessed with large spaces to host parties, invite friends and accommodate 20 people at the same time. However, the module can solve this problem. The simple 3 step way to turn the sofa into a bed helps turn your living room into a guest bedroom in just seconds. 

You don't have to ask your guests to sleep on the floor or pull out that clunky air mattress (which takes up more space). The module helps you conserve your living area and make the most out of the space you have.

  • Perfect for Late Nights

Is your ideal Friday night some alone time at home with wine and a great show on Netflix? Are you guilty of falling asleep in front of the T.V? Well then the module sofa bed will be the greatest investment you make for your home! While lounging on a sofa is ideal for a short amount of time, laying on that small space becomes uncomfortable after you pass the 1-2 hour mark.

To make late nights and romantic evenings more enjoyable, consider the sofa bed. In a few easy steps, you can transform it into a bed so you can lay comfortably as you watch your shows, sip your wine, or talk for hours on the phone.

  1. Getting Your Money’s Worth

Sofa beds are completely worth the investment given the price you’re paying for both a bed and a sofa. With the two-in-one purchase, not only can you relish in a new stylish centerpiece for your living room, but you can relax knowing all your money is worth it.  

Features of the Module You’ll Love

What makes the module ergonomic sofa bed worth it? Below are the highlights of our module sofa bed.

  • High-Quality Material

Made from foam and latex mattresses, this sofa bed provides maximal back support and comfort for those long days. Besides the mattress, you have a selection of soft fabrics to choose from as well. Whether you want a light fabric like microfiber or something warm like woven knit, the choice is yours. As a cherry on top, the solid wooden frame will ensure that you can get your use out of the module for years to come.

  • Easy to Assemble

In three simple steps, you can turn your sofa into a cozy bed within seconds. Better yet, it doesn’t require any heavy lifting or pulling like the traditional sofa beds. 

  • Completely Customizable

When you purchase the module, you have the choice of selecting from a wide array of 10 different colors. Moss green, ivory, dusk – it’s all according to your preferences. Once you’ve selected the colors, you can choose the perfect fabric that suits your needs as well.

The module sofa bed for all that is makes the perfect piece for your space. Whether you want to optimize your small space or add a new level of comfort to your living room, check out Nouhaus to see your options for the module sofa!


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