The Comfort Lovers Gift Guide

Tis the season to add an extra dose of coziness under the Christmas tree - one that will have your loved ones really sitting pretty. This year, you can give the gift of comfort in the form of the ultimate cozy gift chair that all dreams are made of. Function, form, design, relaxation and incredible posture… all of it is wrapped up in your new leather chair from Nouhaus. Each piece of furniture is designed to match the mood and add style and comfort to any room - whether its your husbands, sons, daughters or even your dogs! This gift guide outlines the most festive piece of furniture for your whole family, and the top picks for your shopping list!

For the wife - Pale RoseClassic Massage Chair

If the Classic Massage Chair in Pale Rose looks like a home self-care day waiting to happen, thats because it is. And theres nobody who deserves a little me time” more than the woman you love most - your wife! The second she sits down in this Pale Rose chair, thats when the massage magic happens. Its not just the modern half-dome look that fits beautifully in any room of the house, it has some really cool features too. Classic Massage Chair is equipped with S&L-Track Roller that massage from shoulders to buttocks with 52 deep pressure kneads per minute, multiple setting controls for a full body or spot massage, swivel and reclining features and more. Your wife can easily get comfortable with the removable neck pillow and enjoy a customized massage as she listens to relaxing music, or her favorite podcast, with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Even if you love giving your lady back rubs after a long day of working from home, this massage chair is the perfect holiday gift that literally hits the spot. 

For the kids- Sky BluePalette Rolling Office/Desk Chair

 The kids need the right chair too - whether its for work or play. And the Sky BluePalette Rolling Office/Desk Chair is the ideal holiday gift for the kids that works for both virtual learning and a few minutes of gleefully rolling around at home recess! Since kids are always growing, and you may need it for your multiple children of different sizes, this chair is easily adjustable to fit your 6, 9, or 12-year-old. The Just-For-Me” adjustable lumbar support can be easily fixed to support the back, while the height variable arms let you adjust and lean with secure vertical and horizontal strength. Did we mention that the Supportive Open Cell Foam Cushion and Soft ElastoMesh Cover offer extreme support and comfort? Because thats exactly what your child needs as shes sitting in this pretty chair, learning fractions from her bedroom during virtual school. The Palette Rolling Office/Desk Chair is available in many colors like Deep Burgundy, Orange, and Black… but were especially fond of Sky Blue for your childrens favorite Christmas gift!

For the Son- Black CoffeeErgo 3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Coffee is strong, yet still has a sweet side… kind of like your pre-teen or teenage son? Thats why he needs the Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair in Black Coffee for Christmas. It doesnt just have a sleek and stylish design that fits any vibe, it also supports your boy in more ways than one. Like the Palette Rolling Office/Desk Chair for your kids, this office essential has Just-For-Me” Lumbar Support that can be adjusted for the best back support - along with a 2D-Adjust Headrest, 135 Degree Super Lounge Recline, and 4D-Orbital Armrests. Does your son play sports, or is he just going through the not-so-fun teenage phase where hes more sweaty than usual? No problem. This chair has Breathable Soft HD ElastoMesh with optimal airflow to reduce sweating and sticking. Your son will love it for his room as he does his homework or plays video games!

For the Dog...

And, we cant forget our pups. As much as your dog likes the couch, just wait until he takes a seat on your brand new chair! You thought it was yours? Guess again. Maybe its the sleek design, or maybe (and possibly more likely) it's the cushiony and comfy seat thats perfect for small to medium dogs. Either way, your pooch is just keeping your seat warm while youre away.

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