Top Halloween Movies to Enjoy From Your Module Sofa Bed

Halloween is an exciting time for many people. It’s the time to dress up in their favorite costume, it’s time for the party-goers to gather at a Halloween event.


But for some, it’s time to lay in bed, wrap ourselves in a blanket and turn on our favorite Halloween movie. For this year’s Halloween stay-in, why not upgrade your standard sofa to an ergonomic Module sofa bed? Whether you’re sharing the couch with a few of your friends or want to relax on a nice soft bed while enjoying your Halloween thrillers, the Module sofa bed gives you the best of both worlds.


             Speaking of Halloween thrillers, here are our top picks of the best Halloween movies to watch this season. And don’t worry – we compiled a comprehensive list of Halloween movies. Whether you want something that keeps you up at night or something light-hearted, we have it all below.


  • The Addams Family

We’re taking it way back to a classic movie that stands the test of time. The Addams Family movie is humorous, slightly creepy, and a joy to watch whether you’re by yourself or with a group of friends.


The story follows a strange yet interesting family who tries to reconnect with a supposedly long-lost family member. While the plot will keep you at the edge of your seat, it’s watching the daily lives of this ghastly family as they interact with one another that keeps the movie entertaining from start to finish.


  • Scream

The movie Scream is the reason you see the elongated ghost face every year during Halloween. This classic Slasher film was unique during its time – it mocked the classic horror movie genre that was popularized in the 70s and 80s. Scream became so popular, they continued to create remakes of the film.


Bottom line - if you’re a fan of old slasher movies with entertaining characters and a hint of comedy, this is the perfect film to turn on.


  • Hereditary

We’re warning you now – if you are squeamish, this movie might not be for you. While this supernatural horror movie has only been released a few years, it’s already become an instant classic horror movie among the public.


The ups and downs, exceptional screenplay, and cinematics make Hereditary more than your average horror movie. This is why Hereditary is one of the few horror movies in recent years to receive critical acclaim.


  • Beetlejuice

Many consider this movie a comedy, while many others consider this a Halloween classic. You can’t think of Halloween without thinking of Beetlejuice.


There are ghosts, an obnoxious main character with creepy makeup and hair, and a beautiful love story to top it off. Don’t be fooled by the old CGI – the story, the design (brought to you by Tim Burton), and the acting will keep you reeled in.


  • Ghostbusters

Was Ghostbusters made nearly 40 years ago? Yes. Is it still a feel-good movie to turn on when things get spooky? Absolutely.


Ghostbusters revolves around three college professors who lose their jobs and turn to the business of ghost hunting. It has all the elements you want – great acting, catchy phrases, and a hilarious plotline.


  • Get Out

Many would consider Get Out to be a thriller rather than a horror movie, but it all depends on how you see it. This movie is full of metaphors, plot twists, and exceptional storytelling. It’s one of those movies that you spend days after talking about the hints and clues you found while watching it. Better yet, it addresses social issues that we see in our world today. Considered one of the best movies in 2017, we highly recommend checking out Get Out during Halloween.


  • Paranormal Activity

When Paranormal Activity came out to theatres, people couldn’t stop raving about how scary this film was. So be warned – if paranormal things scare you, you might want to steer away from this movie. What makes it even scarier is the film solely used a hand-held and security camera to film the scenes. That’s what keeps viewers on edge throughout the movie.


             Nothing beats a night-in during the Halloween season and watching these movies alongside your partner, friends, and even by yourself. If you’re looking to elevate your comfort levels, check out the Module sofa bed. Choose from 3 different fabric options and 10 different colors. The ultra-cozy sofa bed allows you to enjoy your Halloween movies in style, in comfort, and in any way you want – whether that’s sitting with a bag of popcorn or laying wrapped up in bed sheets.

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