Nouhaus® "Cobra" Gaming and Office Chair- High Spec Ergonomic Racing Chair

Color Red


You could have any old chair, but true gamers always feel the difference of a chair purpose-built for the action. Forget butterfly levers that make you fumble like a noob, sticky wheels, or armrests that get you pwn’d because this comfy chair with its 4D-Orbital Armrest, XL Pro Wheels, and Fingertip Tilt and Lift lets you settle in for a marathon session.


  • Concave 4D-Orbital Armrests: Glide forwards, back, sideways, up and down, and rotate
  • Breathable Punched Hole PVC Cover: Easy to clean, and keeps you cool
  • Resin-PolyCotton Foam Inner: Holds its shape for years
  • Total Lumbar Support for ergonomic comfort
  • Glide across hardwood and linoleum floors on your set of Pro Wheels
  • 135 Degree Cable Synchro Fingertip Tilt and Lift with Tilt Lock
  • Class-4 Heavy Duty KGS Hydraulic Gas Lift


Red White

• Width 26” x Height 56.2” x Depth 30”


Gaming Chair

PVC Leather

XL Pro Wheels

5-Point ADC#12 Aluminum Wheelbase

46 lbs

275 lbs

5’4” – 6’2”
(See Diagram for Exact Measurements)





61.72 lbs

W40.2" x D28.3" x H16.5"

*3-year base warranty, extendable 5 years. Visit for more info.


Aluminum Wheel Base
Pro Wheels
Class 4 Gaslift
Racing Style
Synchro Recline
4D Adjustable Armrest
PVC Upholstery
Resin-Poly Cotton Cushion
Cable Synchro Fingertip Lift & Recline

4D Armrests for Out Thus

Move them left or right, up, or down, back or forwards and tilted in or out to create your perfect gaming position. Don’t be afraid to lean on them, they're built from solid metal and ready to take on your fierce gaming stance. Concave padding adds a 5th Dimension to the comfort, so you can just sit back or forwards, and engage.

And as for the rest of your body?

Full Lumbar support and resin-polycotton foam inner holds its shape for years, it’s covered by a breathable, punched hole PVC cover.

Nouhaus “Gaming Rims”

Forget about cheap, plastic chair wheels. We're fitted The Cobra with 2.5 inch rubber “gaming rims”. 2 inches thick, they're smooth and satisfying on hardwood floors, while tough enough to run smooth over most surfaces. They're dark black... stealthy.

Available In 2 Fashion Colors

Life isn’t just black or white, and neither are our chairs! Go ahead and choose from Red and White.