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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

           Mothers deserve the world for all that they do. While our appreciation for our moms should happen year-round, Mothers Day is the one day in the year where the spotlight is all on them. 

Roses, chocolates, a new tablet - there is an overwhelming number of gifts to choose from However, you can never go wrong with a gift to help moms relax and relish in comfort. Besides, who deserves it more than they do? If you’re on the search for a Mother's day gift, here’s a list of items for moms who cherish their wind down and chill sessions. 

Pale Rose Massage Chair

           Balancing kids, work and everything in between can feel overwhelming - stress is almost guaranteed. But stress doesn’t only affect us mentally. It builds tension in our neck and shoulder muscles, leading to headaches and bodily pain. Thankfully, that's where massage chairs come in. 

           Every mom will appreciate a relaxing and soothing body massage after a long and busy day. We designed our Classic Massage Chair so anyone can customize it to their needs. With options for a full-body or spot massage and various massage styles like shiatsu kneading or straight rolls, you'll feel like you're on cloud 9.

They also come in aesthetic colours making it a stylish furniture piece (pale rose is one of our favs). If that wasn’t enough, we know how much moms love their podcasts, music, and television shows. That’s why we’ve installed built-in Bluetooth speakers for the ultimate experience. 

Gua Sha Facial Tool

           Gua Sha tools are having a big moment right now in the Western beauty industry. But in Eastern Asia, it’s been s holy grail for thousands of years. This special tool relaxes muscles, reduces bloating, increases blood circulation and collagen production as well. 

Many people use it as a facial massage tool. When you gently run over the gua sha over your jawline, forehead, and cheeks, you'll notice a more refined jawline and lifted face over time. Best of all, you can give yourself an extremely relaxing facial massage. 

           For these reasons, we're sure moms will be ecstatic to receive this on Mother's Day. 

Eye Mask

          Getting a good night's sleep is essential for our health. So for moms who struggle to get their needed rest, help them out by gifting an eye mask. 

           They’re comfortable around the eyes, completely block out light and help put your mind at ease. You can gift a memory foam eye mask, ones with fuzzy or silk fabric - there's a ton to choose from. You can even take it up a notch and gift your mom a heating or cooling eye mask as well. 

As invincible as mothers are, they still need a good night's sleep to tackle the days ahead. 

Module Sofa Bed

           Replace your mom’s boring sofa with a stylish and contemporary sofa bed. You read that right. Our new Module sofa bed redefines the traditional and clunky pull-out beds you normally think of. 

           With 10 stunning colours and 3 fabrics to choose from, you won’t have trouble finding a piece that your mother will love. The Module sofa bed’s simple, elegant, and contemporary style draws all the attention – mothers will have something to proudly show off during dinner parties. 

Additionally, it looks as good as it feels. The soft latex and foam mattress ensures back pain and sleepless nights are never a concern. Better yet, you can turn any living room or office into a comfortable sleeping space in seconds with the Module. 

As a treat, you can now purchase the Module for 30% off its original price. Take advantage of this incredible deal for Mothers Day!  

Ergonomic Chair

           COVID-19 has forced many of us to work from home. Without the proper ergonomic chair, sitting for hours on end at your desk will guarantee discomfort from back, shoulder and neck pain. For working moms, gift them an ergonomic chair this Mother's Day.  

           What are the exact benefits of an ergonomic chair you may ask? It helps support and corrects your sitting posture which ultimately reduces back pain, neck pain and increases blood circulation. Bottom line, you can sit comfortably as you work or watch Netflix shows on your laptop. 

           Our Posture Ergonomic Leather Office Chair is the perfect addition to your at-home office. You can adjust the armrest and lower lumbar to perfectly suit your body for maximal comfort. Moms will never have to worry about lower back pain while they lounge or work from home. 

          Moms are an irreplaceable presence in many of our lives. Their selfless nature and undying love make life so much brighter and wholesome. And that's why above everyone, they deserve time dedicated to relaxing and enjoying themselves. This Mother's Day, you can heighten their level of comfort and relaxation by gifting them an item from our list.

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