How To Design A Room Around Your Module

How to Design a Room Around Your Module

It’s much more than a couch or an average pull-out bed – the Module sofa bed is our state-of-the-art ergonomic sofa bed that allows you to relish and relax in comfort and style. It brings a whole new life and functionality to your office, living room, or guest room. 

Whether you’re looking to sit and lounge as you watch T.V or wanting to transform your living space into another bedroom for a guest, the Module provides the comfort and feasibility you never expected from a sofa bed.

But like any furniture piece, it matters how it visually fits into your home. If you’re wondering how to design your room around your sofa-bed, here are the tips we have to curate the perfect space. 

Find your focal point

           The focal point is the point of your room that your eyes naturally gravitate to. Common focal points are windows, fireplaces, or even fancy wallpaper. 

           While this is about styling around the Module, it’s important to know where to place your sofa bed, to begin with. 

Since focal points get a lot of attention, different accents, textures, and patterns around that area can stand out even more. For a sofa bed like the Module, it comes with 3 different fabric options – velvet, woven, and plush microfiber. When placed around the focal point of your room, the fabric textures will surely catch someone's eye. 

Consider the amount of space you have

           Size is a big aspect to consider when deciding on placement for the Module and other furniture. As such, keep in mind the dimension of the Module when you turn it into a bed. In this case, the width goes from 37.01” (sofa) to 55.91” (bed). It’s essentially the size of a queen-size bed. 

           You want to make sure that no matter where you place your Module, whether it’s in its bed form or not, that you always have adequate space to move. This also helps when you decide where to place your tables, lamps, etc. Just make sure that your layout isn't too clustered! 

Incorporate complimenting furniture colors

           The best feature about the Module is that it comes in an endless number of colors for you to choose from. At Nouhaus, we’re all about customers finding the perfect furniture piece that matches their aesthetic and preference. For a more vibrant living space opt for yellow or moss green. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more sleek and chic option, go for ivory or dark grey. It’s truly up to you!

           Whatever Module color you choose, make sure the color of the furniture you incorporate complements it. Some colors look great together, while others clash. If you’re struggling to find out what colors would best match your Module sofa bed, look at a color wheel to see what colors look great together. 

Floor or table lamps for lighting

           Lighting plays a big role in the look and feel of a space. Since your Module sofa bed works as both a couch and a sleeping space, it’s best to have a floor lamp right beside it. For a quiet time during the night, lamps give you just enough light to see or do other activities like reading.

           Besides that, you can also opt for a small table lamp if you have a coffee table beside your sofa. There are tons of floor lamps and table designs to pick and choose from. Just select one that meshes well with the room. 

Decorative storage space

           While the Module sofa bed comes with 2 large cushions and headrest pillows, you may need other blankets and other accessories as well. Instead of putting these items out in the open, consider adding decorative storage space to keep these items tucked away somewhere nearby. 

           Some ottomans also act as a storage space, while some storage bins also make for a great decorative piece in your room. These furniture pieces accessorize and organize your room - the perfect 2-in-1!

Consider comfort

           The Module was designed to provide comfort for anyone and everyone. By design it was made from a latex mattress – a cool, breathable, and soft material to conform to your body. That’s why you should incorporate other features in your space that heightens the cozy experience. 

           Soft lighting, extra soft blankets, memory hugging pillows – there are tons of items to add for that extra touch of comfort. With this, you’ll never have to worry about anyone complaining about an unpleasant stay. 

           If you’re looking for a sofa bed that is as gorgeous and sleek as it is warm and comfortable, the Module is the perfect addition to your household. There are tons of ways to design around it as well. With some creativity and inspiration, you’ll transform the feel and look of your living area before your eyes. 




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