The Benefits of our Massage Chair

Forget having to beg another member in your household for a massage or scouring the web for an endless number of massage guns with conflicting reviews. A massage chair makes for an all-in-one to alleviate muscle tension and pain.

But we understand why some of you may be hesitant. After all, massage chairs aren’t the cheapest. However, think about purchasing a massage chair as an investment in your health and overall well-being. That’s something you can’t put a price on. 

Beyond muscle relief, massage chairs induce many other benefits that heighten your life satisfaction. That’s why we’ve compiled an extensive list of rewards you can expect once you invest in a massage chair. 

Pale Rose Massage Chair


  1. Alleviate Back and Shoulder Pain

Bad posture and stress are the typical culprits of muscle tension in the back and shoulders. Many people suffer from back pain - it's one of the main reasons people skip work. While many turn to Advil and medication to soothe the pain, it’s the least sustainable solution. 

Alternatively, massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to relieve muscle tension, without over-the-counter medication. You can enjoy the benefits of a massage from your home with a massage chair. It contains built-in rollers that effectively soften your muscle tissue while you sit and relax. 

For example, our Nouhaus Classic Massage chair contains rollers and massagers that target every muscle from your neck down to your glutes (did we mention our massage chairs come In variety of gorgeous colours?) There’s also an option for a targeted or full-body massage. If a specific region in your back bothers you, the targeted massage feature will effectively treat that area. 

  1. Lowers Your Stress Levels

We all have those stressful days. The days when things don’t go your way, when things don’t align and when it feels as though the world is against you. 

Winding down on a massage chair at the end of the day can greatly reduce your stress levels. Beyond relieving muscle tension, massages lower your heart rate as well. To top it off, massage therapy significantly decreases your levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that our brains release when we stress. 

For ultimate relaxation and stress-reducing massages, consider applying heat to your muscles. Luckily, our Modern Massage chairs come equipped with a heating function to warm up your body while you enjoy the work of the massage rollers. Let that tension and stress melt away! 

  1. Higher Quality Sleep 

Relaxed muscles and tension relief have a huge impact on improving your sleep quality. A quality massage chair, i.e. one that can provide deep and targeted massages to soften your muscle tissues will help relax your body and your mind. 

It's so effective that post-menopausal women who struggle with insomnia have relied on massages to get better sleep. Additionally, it also caused a more consistent sleep schedule. 

  1. Get Rid of Tension Headaches

Tension headaches happen when our neck and shoulders become overly stiff and tense. An optimal way to treat this is through massages to relax those muscles. If you have chronic tension headaches, we recommend investing in a massage chair that has neck and shoulder massagers to specifically work on alleviating pain in that area. Our Modern Massage chair comes with 4 massage rollers to focus on neck and shoulder tension. 

One study found that massage therapy played a role in reducing the number of tension headaches in participants experienced in a week. With a premium massage chair, in addition to good posture and stress prevention, headaches won’t hold you back any longer. 

  1. Better Athletic Performance

Massages aren’t only necessary when you experience some kind of pain. For athletes and weightlifters out there, massages are great to enhance your athletic performance in several ways. For example, massages can help increase short-term flexibility. It may also limit the number of days you need to recover from any soreness or pain you feel after an athletic performance. 

Owning a massage chair provides the convenience of having it in your house whenever you need to use it. Better yet, you can get an amazing body massage as you enjoy T.V or shop online in style. 

  1. Relaxed You = Happier Life

When you combine muscle tension relief with the benefits of better sleep, your quality of life dramatically increases. Massages increase serotonin and dopamine within the brain which ultimately lead to better moods. 

With a massage chair, you can experience that daily. A great massage can help you relax and rest after a long day of work – who doesn’t want that? We’ve also installed Bluetooth speakers in our Classic Massage chair so you can wind down to your favorite podcast or tunes. 

Massage chairs make for the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. With all the benefits it has to offer, investing in a massage chair is essentially investing in your well-being. 

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