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How Mom and Pop Business Owners Rule the World

Mom and Pop Shops, also known as small or family-owned businesses, offer much more benefits to the community than your average Starbucks café or Amazon. Small business owners contribute something valuable to the world– they put their heart and soul into every aspect of their business. From customer service to the very details of each product, mom and pop shops add vibrancy and life to any and all communities.

While big corps may take the main stage in the media and by revenue, small businesses account for 99.9% of all businesses in America. By these numbers, mom and pop shops definitely rule the world. Besides this, there are tons of ways that small business owners make positive contributions to the world and the community. To get a better an understanding of how exactly they rule the world, keep on reading.

5 Reasons Mom And Pop Shops Are Better

They Stimulate Economic Growth

Every business needs employees to operate. Whether it’s customer service agents who sell a product or someone in the back to assemble pieces together, mom and pop shops needs employees to keep up with the demand and production of their services.

As such, they stimulate the creation of jobs within a community. Mom and pop shop business owners are heavily responsible for providing these financial opportunities for everyone. And what happens when people make money? They’re able to afford basic necessities and spend it on other goods. This is what gets the economy rolling. In fact, mom and pop shops alone create an astounding 1.5 million jobs every year. Talk about boosting employment opportunities.

They Provide Diverse Employment Opportunities

There’s a beauty to mom and pop shops that not many people address. Normally a traditional 9-5 job isn’t accessible and ideal for everyone. There’s a certain language and education requirement that isn’t possible for certain minorities or immigrants to obtain. Alternatively, virtually anyone can become a small business owner. As long as you have the heart, the idea, and the dedication to start, anyone can open a mom-and-pop shop according to their wishes. There’s a huge amount of freedom in that sense.

According to statistics, the number of women and minorities opening their own business has increased more in two decades than ever before. This implies that mom and pop shops are they way to go for anyone looking to obtain financial freedom.

They Offer Unique Element to Each Community

Whether online or in-store, every small business offers something special and one of a kind to each community. It could be a coffee shop, a workout studio, or a retail store. Each mom and pop shop adds a sense of vibrancy and life to the local or online community that can’t be found anywhere else.

That’s why many local governments fight to keep mom and pop shops around. They add a unique and irreplaceable identity to the community.

They Re-invest Their Time Into the Community

As a mom-and-pop shop owner, they’re more likely to support their community’s initiatives and charities. This happens in one of two ways:

  • Spreading the ‘support local narrative’: By spreading this message around, not only are they drawing more attention to their own business but to other local mom and pop shops as well. More than that, small business owners are more inclined to purchase from other small business peers as well.
  • Donating to local charities and causes: Mom and pop shop owners have a greater interest in supporting the livelihood and well-being of others in the community. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see business owners donate a portion of their earnings to charities and other causes.    

Innovation/ One-of-a-Kind Products and Services

The media likes to broadcast innovation from large corporations. However, they don’t often shine the spotlight on the innovation and unique services offered by local small businesses.

Since there’s an increase in competition among businesses, many mom and pop shop owners have had to add their own unique touch to standout from the crowd. From charcoal ice-cream to stylish ergonomic chairs, these unique and innovative services/products come to life from many small business owners. This pressure to standout then stirs and sprouts innovation. While not every small business owner’s sole purpose is to save the planet, each business brings something different to the table.

The pandemic has definitely put a toll on many small businesses. But for those who stuck around, it just highlights and exposes the amount of resilience these mom and pop shop business owners have. For many people, selling products online is uncharted territory. But guess what? They adapted and made the right changes to continue surviving. For this reason alone, this is why mom and pop shop owners rule the world and why everyone should shop from small and local businesses.

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