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The Benefits of Ergo3D – Living Better

Unfortunately, some of us know the feeling of tense shoulders, dull lower back pain, and stiff necks all too well. It takes a toll on our mood and body. So many simple tasks throughout our workday, from the way we sit in our chair to our posture, directly ties into the amount of tension and strain we feel in these regions.

  Bad sitting posture means more trips to the chiropractor. Good sitting posture means productive workdays and comfortable living. That’s why people developed the ergonomic chair to prevent pain and discomfort. And that’s why Nouhaus specifically designed the Ergo3D chair.


What is an Ergonomic Chair?

If you’re new to the term, ‘ergonomic’ sounds like an odd futuristic word. In reality, it’s a scientific field that studies the most optimal and comfortable working environment for humans. This field considers the design and placement of everything from a monitor to your chair positioning in the work area. Ultimately the goal is to prevent work injuries and pain.

But why is it so important to have an ergonomic chair? For starters, many of us don’t consciously think of our posture and positioning as we sit. We could slouch and lean without being aware of it. On top of that, many of us sit at our desks for hours at a time. So when you combine poor posture with 8-hour workdays, you get strained and tense shoulders, back, and wrists – you name it. An ergonomic chair is designed to prevent all of this from happening. It’s carefully designed to promote proper sitting posture and includes adjustable features, so it suits your needs.

What Makes the Ergo3D Special?

The Ergo3D has a little more than your average ergonomic chair. When we talk about having a chair that is completely adjustable to your body, we whole-heartedly mean it. But instead of simply listing the features and boring you with details, let’s consider the most common troublesome areas on your body and how the Ergo3D helps prevent injuries in those regions.

Neck Support

Neck pain is fairly common. In fact, 1 in 3 people suffer from it. Eventually this tension and strain will lead to headaches and migraines which makes doing everyday tasks much more unbearable.

That’s why on the Ergo3D we designed an adjustable head rest that fully supports your neck regardless of your head positioning. Not only can you adjust the height of the headrest, but it also angles back and forward so it protects and supports your neck at all times. 

Back Support

Back pain is something anyone regardless of age can suffer from. In a recent survey, researchers found that ½ of all Americans suffer from some degree of back pain throughout the year and it’s the most common reason people take days off at work. In the US alone, Americans spend $50 billion dollars a year to treat lower back pain. Traumatic accidents don’t account for these cases alone – a lot of it has to do with our posture.

Taking this all into account, the lumbar support on the Ergo3D goes the extra mile. The curvature design of the lumbar support follows the natural curve of our backs. This evenly distributes the amount of pressure we place throughout our entire back area. Additionally, for those suffering from lower back pain, the lower back support on the chair responds to the amount of pressure placed on it. This helps cushion your lower back to prevent injuries. On top of that, the Ergo3D has a maximum 135 degree recline. While many people think sitting up straight is the most proper form, a slight lean back provides the most comfort. 

Arm Support

Forearm and wrist pain are more linked to your chair positioning than you think. For example, repetitive motion or incorrect forearm positioning leads to carpel tunnel syndrome which effects the nerve. The problem is more serious as well - wrist pain is the 2nd most common reason people take days off of work.

What makes the armrest feature on the Ergo3D unique is it offers 4D adjustments so you can find your sweet spot. Not only can you move the up and down, but you can also glide the armrest, forward, back and pivots lift and right so that your arms have the correct positioning. To prevent injuries in the arm area, it’s recommended that the armrest be inline with your keyboard or desk. On top of that your arms should be bent in a 90-degree angle as well. With the highly adjustable armrest, getting the perfect position should be easy.

Final Word

The littlest things can have the biggest impact on our well-being - that includes what we sit on. If you’re looking for aesthetics and functionality all wrapped up in one, the Ergo3D chair might be your safest bet in your home or workspace. If you don’t believe it, just try it out yourself and watch the difference it makes to your body.


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