How to Liven Up Your Home Office

How to Liven Up Your Home Office

           Working from home took over during the pandemic and everyone now realizes the perks of it. That means at-home workspaces could be here to stay. 

           Having your own home office gives you the luxury of designing it according to your style. From lavish plants and decked-out décor, there’s a ton you can do. You don’t have to worry about seeking approval from your boss or ask for permission to make some changes – your home office, your rules. 

           But if you’re looking for design inspiration to spruce up your workspace, here are a few tips to consider. 

  1. Add plants

White walls and coated ceilings look dull after a while. Adding plants provides that luscious greenery for a spark of nature to brighten up the workspace. Talk about room aesthetics!

To top it off, according to a few research studies, plants can also boost your mood and lower your stress levels. Plants create the feeling of a natural environment which heightens levels of happiness. Coincidentally, this mood boost also improves your productivity.

Any house plant will do the trick. From succulents to a dragon tree, it depends on the amount of space you have as well. Just remember, you can’t ever have too many plants. 

  1. Consider lighting

Natural sunlight does wonders to a room. Not only do you get that daily dose of vitamin D for health benefits, but sunlight also fights seasonal depression. 

But not all of us are blessed with sun-lit rooms. As such, the next best option is investing and installing lights. We highly recommend having both ceiling lights and focus lighting (floor lamps and table lamps) so you have a variety of lighting options depending on the task. 

As a tip, for a brighter and vibrant room, find a light that has a higher colour temperature (kelvins). Anything from 3100K – 4500K should do the trick. 

  1. Incorporate art pieces

Since it’s your home office, you don’t have to worry about anyone liking or disliking the art you incorporate. Paintings, posters, that vinyl cover you want on full display – all of these pieces of art add a touch of personality to your home office. 

You’ll feel comfortable and safe in your workspace when you can personalize it according to your style and preferences. 

Speaking in terms of interior design, artwork adds more visual appeal and texture to your workspace. Whatever tone and vibe you’re going for, trinkets and art displays can help you achieve that. 

  1. Invest in an office chair

Besides a table and computer, a chair is essential in your workspace. You spend at least a few hours on it, so why not invest in a quality chair for the home office? 

For work purposes, you should always invest in an ergonomic chair. These specially designed chairs were created to provide comfort and to support your posture throughout the day.

At Nouhaus, we designed a series of ergonomic chairs to suit every buyer. Our personal favourite is the Ergo 3D chair. What makes this ergonomic chair stand out among the rest are the 4D adjustable armrests, headrest and the super-lounge recline. Coated with breathable mesh providing proper airway as you work, it oozes comfort and productivity. 

But if you’re looking for a pop of colour and style with the benefits of an ergonomically designed chair, that’s where our Palette chair comes in. We got you covered with the adjustable lumbar support and recline for maximal back support. And with the 5 different colour options, we’ve also got you covered with your interior design. 

  1. Choose a colour palette that suits your style

Dashes of colour never hurt anyone. And we encourage you to make your room as colourful or colour neutral as you want. 

While colour trends are great for the moment, they come and go. Design a room and select a colour palette that suits your style. Here are a few ways you can incorporate pops of colour into your office.  

  • Painted walls

A neutral taupe will add a level of sophistication and serenity to the room. Alternatively, a bold red will draw all the attention from people who pass by your home office. You can also opt to paint all the walls or just one. As we mentioned before, select a colour that matches your preference. 

  • Accessories 

There's another approach you can take. You can keep everything large in your room neutral (such as walls and furniture) but add colourful accessories. It could be lavender pillows or cobalt blue vases – it’s a creative way to incorporate colour without making huge changes to your room. 

Your home office is a space to call yours, and only yours. With that being the case, decorate and alter it to your heart's desire. Hopefully, the ideas we’ve compiled above ignite some inspiration in you to start livening up your home office. Happy decorating! 

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