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How To Pick the Perfect Chair

              Like people, chairs come in all different shapes and sizes. What may be perfect for you may be the most unfitting chair for someone else.

And keep in mind, the perfect chair goes pasts its pretty exterior and physical details. The perfect chair encapsulates the feel and the comfort - about whether or not it's designed for a specific purpose. To avoid making the wrong purchase, here are the chair features to consider before spending your money.


             Height varies drastically among people.  Even if a chair is height adjustable, you can't alter the length of the lumbar support or the cushion seat. That's why some chair models are more suited for taller or shorter individuals.

For people on the taller end of the spectrum, the ErgoDraft, ErgoTask and Ergo3D are perfect. It provides full lumbar support and enough room for you to sit comfortably. Beyond that, there are many adjustable features to help you tailor it to your body.

On the other hand, the Palette Ergonomic is perfect for shorter people. The measurement of the seat and lumbar ideally suits people with smaller frames looking for full back support. With any purchase, check out the measurements of the chair to ensure it suits your body.


We don’t all purchase a chair for the same reason. These reasons can sway your decision in purchasing a chair as well.

  • Gaming

Whether you’re playing Call of Duty or Fortnite, gaming requires the ability to focus on a screen for hours at a time. Gaming chairs were designed to fulfill that need.

You can adjust almost every feature on a gaming chair. Besides that, they carry a unique aesthetic - just take a look at our Cobra Gaming Chair. Since these chairs are built from highly durable material, this means it also carries a higher price tag.

  • Work

Ergonomic chairs are ideal for work. These chairs were designed to support your body to prevent work injuries. It's more fitting for individuals who may have to sit at their desks for a few hours at a time.

Ergonomic chairs are like gaming chairs since they are meant to support good posture. However, ergonomic chairs come in a wide variety of fabrics, designs, and builds.

Adjustable Features

How you can adjust certain parts of a chair is extremely important. But with an emphasis on productivity and comfort, manufacturers have now implemented more adjustable features to fit a buyer's needs.

Then again, it comes down to what you care about. Here’s a list of features that you can adjust, depending on your purchase.

  • Armrests:

Adjusting your armrest ensures you're at a comfortable level with your keyboard to avoid strain on your wrists and forearms. With our Ergo3D you can adjust the chair in 4 different ways. Move it forward/back, to the left/right, up/down or pivot it to the side - you have complete control.

  • Headrest:

An adjustable headrest ensures that you have the proper neck support while sitting. If you tend to tilt your head, an adjustable headrest is a must.

  • Lumbar:

Keeping a neutral spine helps avoid back pain. Each model has its twist on how you can adjust the lumbar.

For example, our Posture Ergonomic Chair has a lower lumbar support cushion you can adjust in 5 different settings. Alternatively, our ErgoTask and Ergo3D models have dynamic lumbar support - it conforms to your back the moment you lean back.


This feature often gets overlooked. However, the material of your chair often plays a role in your levels of comfort as well. Here are a variety of fabrics you can look for in a chair, depending on the feel and the aesthetic.

  • Mesh

One distinct factor about the mesh chair is that it has a breathable factor to it. You’ll get airflow on all parts of your body, so you don't have to worry about sweat stains in your chair during the warmer seasons. Mesh is also flexible which makes it more comfortable to sit on as well. Since we know how uncomfortable it can be, we’ve designed a large selection of ergonomic chairs with mesh fabric.

  • Leather

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your room, a leather chair will make the perfect addition. It’s easy to maintain and durable as well. With proper care, you'll never have to replace it.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl fabric is very easy to clean and manage. Better yet, it comes with a variety of textures allowing you to pick the perfect one. Depending on your working conditions, vinyl may not be the best option since it's not a breathable fabric.

There’s a lot to look into when purchasing a chair, who would’ve thought? But as we mentioned before, one size does not fit all and finding a chair that is tailored to you ensures that you sit pleasantly throughout an entire work/lounge day. 

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