4 Easy ways to keep you on track!

How to Stick to your Resolution

New Year, new me. We’ve all heard that infamous saying before, and you may have even said it yourself - but now as we approach the end of January, how is your resolution actually going? 

A new year usually reflects a fresh start.  While it’s easy to create a list of resolutions, the hard challenge is keeping up with it. To help remedy any halts in your progress, we have a few helpful tips to keep you on track with your goals. 


1. Remember Your Why 

For starters, you have to ‘remember your why.’ So whatever your goal is, think back to why you wanted to make that change. That can help you realign yourself with goals that matter and will work for you. Which is why you should only ‘make attainable goals.’ 

2. Make Attainable Goals

When deciding what you want to work on or do for yourself, the goal needs to be as realistic as possible. It’s easy to say I want to do _____ by the end of the year, but in reality, how are you able to make this a possibility. 

3. Keep It Simple

While creating your goals, the best thing to help you stay on track is by ‘keeping it simple.’ Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to make 10 goals in one year. Focus on one or a few things that you can really dive into and conquer. 

4. Be Easy On Yourself

Most importantly, remember to be easy on yourself. Developing new habits and lifestyle changes, or trying something new isn’t easy. It takes a lot of intention and mindfulness, and having to show up even when you don’t want to. The real way any change is going to happen is by staying consistent and being patient during the progress. When the end of the year rolls around, you’re going to be happy that you stuck to your goals, and you crushed your resolution. 

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