How to Find the Right Ergonomic Chair for You

While you’re at work, your office chair is probably the last thing on your mind. However, selecting the right  ergonomic chair for your work space can make a substantial difference in your comfort and health.  

Comfort is especially important. The average office employee can spend up to 15 hours a day sitting - collectively from driving, working, and lounging at home. Eventually, all of which may take a toll on your well being. 

A good ergonomic chair should remedy that by helping to reduce chronic back, hip, and leg strain associated  with being seated for long periods of time, as well as help with your posture.  

With so many options out there, how do you know how to make the best choice for you? We’re here to help.  

When shopping for the right fit for you, ask yourself these questions: 

Is the chair adjustable?  

When looking at the functionality of an ergonomic chair, the chair’s seat should be fully adjustable to  accommodate height and comfortability preferences. Your feet should also be able to rest on the floor while  your knees are bent at a ninety degree angle. 

What material is the chair made of? 

Typically, you spend at least 8 hours sitting at your desk, 5 day a week. During those 40 hours, you aren’t going  to want to sit on a chair that feels abrasive, itchy, or made of something that may cause your body to  overheat. A good chair will be made of breathable and lightweight material.  

How is your chair supporting you? 

Support is important. A proper ergonomic chair will offer full upper and middle back support. When sitting for  a long period of time, you should look for a chair that can support a person’s natural shape – which can  prevent strain or injury.  

Our collection of ergonomic office chairs offer all of those qualities, and more.  

Our Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair not only conforms to your body, it features 3D-Orbital Armrests that glide  forward and backwards, sideways, and up and down. The chair also offers ‘Just-For-Me’ lumbar support, a 2D  adjustable headrest, and a 135 degree super lounge tilt – all made with class-4 heavy duty hydraulic gas lift. 

Our Posture Ergonomic PU Leather Office Chair with patented 'Click5' lumbar support is a mid-century modern  executive chair that includes ‘FlipAdjust armrests’, open cell foam cushions, ‘TiltRock’, and is available in  classic colors to fit your work space style. 

Our Palette Ergonomic Lumbar Adjust Rolling Office Chair is just what you need for maximum lumbar support.  The chair features ‘Just-For-Me’ lumbar adjust, ‘2:1 Synchro Tilt’, and height variable armrests. This compact  chair is also available in a variety of vibrant colors, so you can brighten up your work space. 

*All NOUHAUS Ergonomic Office Chairs include a 5-Year Warranty.

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