Redefining your Workspace

What do you do when you have to live where you work, and work where you live? Millions of  people all over the world are experiencing this exact scenario at the same time. Having to  adjust from working in an office setting, where you had your own desk and everything you  needed, to makeshift workspaces – like dining rooms or coffee tables that might be littered with the remnants of daily life. 

Working from home is creating its own set of challenges. If you’re working from home, you  might be worried about balancing your personal, family, and work life. Many parents are also  juggling watching their children and maintaining professional boundaries during business hours.  

So how can someone manage it all, while trying to stay sane, healthy, and still be productive?  The answer –embrace it as best you can. Many things have been thrown at us during this year,  but the main take away so far is that the year 2020 is synonymous with the word adaptability. 

While it seems like the world is an ever-changing state, all one can really do is take it day-by day and focus on what they can control. 

To start, take control of your workspace. Since you might be working from home for the  foreseeable future, you might as well make it your own. By creating a practical, personal  workspace, it can help you to regain that sense of normalcy and help with your productivity. Also, setting a designated area to work, that isn’t a place where you eat or relax, is crucial for your mental and personal health.  

To create your ideal working environment, design smart and utilize the space you already have - keeping in mind what necessities you need to make it your own. If you live in a smaller space,  look into minimalist desks and small accessories. If you have a larger area, or even a dedicated  office in your household, you can look into shelving, multiple screens, and an ergonomic chair,  to maximize comfort and efficiency.  

Whatever you decide to do – it’ll be optimized for you. This is the time to take back your living  space, and separate it from where you work.

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