Nouhaus' Valentine's Day Gift Guide

for Comfort Lovers

It’s that time of the year. From red roses and pink balloons to tender-hearted messages and loving gifts, Valentine’s day is a celebration of love. But beyond Valentine’s, showering your loved one with a thoughtful gift should be a standard practice among couples no matter the occasion. Your partner deserves a special gift that puts a smile on their face.

At Nouhaus we designed our state-of-the-art ergonomic chairs with the intention to provide everyone a chance to lounge and relish in comfort during a bustling day – everyone deserves that. A lot of the times we carry tension and stress in our muscles, from the neck to the legs. With built-in massage functions and modern features, our ergonomic chairs provide the ultimate relaxation and comfort. Better yet, you don’t have to compromise style for functionality.  Given our sleek and modern chair designs, your partner can relax in style. Keep on reading to learn more about which chairs would make for the perfect gift for your loved one.

classic massage chair

Whether your partner is looking to lounge in a comfortable chair or is in need of deep relaxing massage after a long busy day, our Classic Massage Chair can satisfy both. It remains one of our best sellers and there’s a reason for that – let’s start with its functionality. Its unique curved like architecture along with its S&L Track Roller provides the ultimate massage experience. This is so each massage roller can effectively target your shoulders, lower back, even your glutes and hips to relieve any tight muscles.

There are many different massage patterns to choose from as well. From mixed massages to shiatsu kneading, your partner will feel completely rejuvenated after each session. With a touch of button on the remote control and an accompanying ottoman, your partner can unwind in complete tranquility and comfort. If your partner also enjoys soothing music or a Netflix show, they have the convenience of listening to it from the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Now, let’s talk about its appearance. Coated with genuine leather, these chairs provide a luxurious and classy touch to any room. We offer a range of colors to suit your partner’s style as well. So if your wife loves a nice pale rose color to compliment her existing furniture, we got you covered. Bottom line, this chair is ideal for a partner who loves to relax in style.

Moden Massage Chair

Perhaps your partner is looking for a modern piece to add to their home. Maybe they’re on the search for a modern massage chair to treat themselves. You can surprise your loved one with this 2-in-1 with our Modern Massage Chair.

This massage chair has slight modifications from our classic but provides the same ultimate relaxation experience. Working long days and being on the move can make us forget about the tension we carry in the neck and shoulders. With massage rollers meant to relieve everything from your neck to your glute muscles, the modern massage chair will give your partner the best massage modern technology can provide. The chair also comes with an I Frame feature. This linear massage track is meant to provide a deep and seamless massage from your shoulders to the lower back. If that’s a trouble area for your partner, then this chair is perfect. To top off an already stunning piece, there’s a heating function so your partner can snuggle up comfortably. 

Ergo 3d

If your partner sits on the computer all day or works in an office, this is the perfect chair for everyday comfort. Comfort is key when spending long hours sitting at a desk. A chair that provides proper support will ensure your partner avoids back aches and pains. With our Ergo3D Ergonomics Office Chair, those worries are no longer a concern.

The adjustable arm and back support allow your partner to tailor the chair according to their comfort. Since it has a “just-for-me” adjustable lumbar support, the chair will help your partner stay productive all day. You won’t be hearing complaints about tense shoulders and back pain anymore. Beyond the structure of the chair, the foam cushion and ElastoMesh material make sitting all day in a chair not a bad idea. It’s durable, comfortable and everything your partner will need to tackle the day ahead. Our lumbar chairs also come in a variety of vibrant and cool toned colors from orange to the classic black to suit your partner’s aesthetic.

Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics can go hand in hand without compromising one for the other. Sometimes our loved ones forget to treat themselves to a nice gift – surprising your partner with a Nouhaus ergonomic chair will ensure they make time for relaxation and self-care. If you’re looking to surprise your partner with something thoughtful and practical, our ergonometric chairs would make for the ultimate present for any comfort lover.



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