Power Sofa Series

Introducing our Power Sofa Series: A Must-Have for Your Home

After a long day from work, after a long day of constant tasks and deadlines, relaxing on the sofa with your favourite show on the TV and your go-to beverage is essential. We created our ergonomic Power Sofa series with that purpose in mind. 

Our new power sofa serves as the comfiest place to rest at the end of the day and the perfect centrepiece for your living room. It packs a punch in design, functionality, and appeal. Keep on reading to learn more about the Power Sofa series and how it makes the perfect fit in any home. 

The Four Power Sofas

What does it mean when we call our Power Sofa series, multi-functional? It’s not just a buzz term we threw in for the awe and appeal. Our Power Sofas are truly multi-functional - they can serve as a recliner sofa, love seat, seat 3 people, 1 person and can turn into an accent chair. 

Having the ability to transform your seating depending on the occasion makes sitting a whole lot more comfortable. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or dining in for 1, the power sofa series offers flexibility that no other recliner sofa has yet to offer. Alternatively, if you’re looking solely for a recliner sofa or love seat, we have them to offer as well. Without further ado, here are the four stars in our Power Sofa series. 

Our Triple Recliner Sofa comes with a one-touch control to get you in the perfect position. And no – it doesn’t come with the clunky remote that most recliners come with. The button is perfectly tucked on the side of the armrest for easy access. Additionally, the sofa has a zero-gravity decline and a 6X level adjustable headrest so it perfectly conforms to your body. If you’re looking to change your room around, you can remove the centerpiece of the triple recliner sofa. The centerpiece becomes its love seat while the recliner pieces attach for a double seater. 


Interested in just the recliners? The double recliner sofa has the same function as the triple recliner, just without the centerpiece. It’s a perfect addition to your home if you love relaxing as a couple. The beauty of it all is that if you decide you need a bigger sofa, you can always purchase the extra armless centerpiece to expand your sofa. 


Whether you’re working with limited space or living on your own, the single recliner sofa is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. It also acts as the perfect elevated bed given its zero-gravity recline. 


The Armless Sofa is perfect for homebodies who want a gorgeous love seat in their space. Alternatively, if you want to extend your current power double or triple recliners sofa, simply add this to the center so you can comfortably seat 4, 5 even 6 people. 

Unique Features

Besides its multi-functionality, there are other perks you and your home receive when you purchase the Power Sofa series. 

  • Gorgeous Fabric

Our Power Sofa series comes in two different fabrics: super-soft suede and top grain leather. The suede we used to design the soda is also hydro function, meaning it is liquid repellent. Regardless of the option you go for, both fabrics are extremely easy to clean. With a simple swipe, you can remove any liquid from your sofa. Suede fabric comes in blue or grey while the top grain leather comes in pebble white. 


  • Simple Charging

You don’t have to make a single movement to charge the Power Sofa series. Simply plug in the USD wire and that’s it. You can binge your favorite show or enjoy that glass of wine, while your recliner charges itself. 


  • Comfortable Frame

So long are the days of clunky and uncomfortable metal frames. The majority of recliner chairs on the market have a metal frame that can easily dig into your body – no one wants that. With your comfort in mind, we made our frames from larch and plywood. You'll never experience it jabbing into your body and it'll provide optimal support and stability. 


  • Designed for Maximal Comfort

We said it before, but we have to highlight it again. With the 6X adjustable headrest, cloud-like sofa filling, and zero gravity recline, the Power Sofa series is what you need during off-hours. It’s the perfect piece to wind down after a long day of activities. From the initial sketching stages to the final wrapping, our designers thought of your comfort all along the way. 

If you’re looking for the ideal multifunctional seating option and comfiest sofa on the market, check out the line of Power Sofas we have in store. Trust us when we say, you may never want to get up from the sofa once you test it out. 

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