Twenty Travelers x Nouhaus



When/How did you guys decide to start to make tiny homes?

  • We came back after a 3 month trip through south east Asia. When we came back to the states on March 17, 2020, the world was in panic because of Covid and we had just spent all of our savings in Asia! Things were looking pretty grim until we got the opportunity to build a tiny house in my (Javan) family's backyard. I had some experience building fences and decks but I had never built a house. I learned everything from YouTube videos and the internet.

How long does the process take you from start to finish when creating a tiny home?

  •  The process took 2 years because we permitted the building and had inspections for every aspect: plumbing, electrical, framing, etc. Like I said, this was my first full build so I made some mistakes that I had to correct and that took extra time.

What goes into designing and curating the space? Do you have any favorite stores or look somewhere specific online?

  • We draw inspiration from all over the place. Traveling through SE ASIA (Indonesia, Philippines, and Cambodia) inspired us a ton. As we stayed in bungalows, villas, huts, and all kinds of different and architecturally unique structures. The spaces we experienced while traveling were very open, minimalistic, but sophisticated. And that’s what we wanted to bring back with us. We also pull a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and the world market :). 


What is your favorite part about the process?

  • furnishing and decorating the space! It’s very rewarding to put the finishing details into something that you’ve already poured blood, sweat, and tears into. This step really takes the build from a concept into a home.

How did you come across Nouhaus’ Module?

  • We built this tiny home with the intention of hosting guests. So, we wanted to have additional sleeping spaces, but still maintain that open, minimalistic feel. We googled hard. And really Nouhaus module was the clear, and only answer. So many color options, different textures to choose from, and a sophisticated mechanical design for transforming into a bed. 


What was the biggest challenge you faced when choosing the furniture for your tiny home?

  • There were very limited options when it came to choosing furniture that met all of our standards. Comfortable, stylish, space saving, dual functioning. When you’re furnishing a small space all these things matter. And from our research, Nouhaus Module was the only Sofabed/couch that checked all the boxes. When you’re at home relaxing, you’re most likely on the couch, or in bed. So we knew that the module would be the centerpiece of the build.

Why did Nouhaus’ Module stand out to you, and what do you think makes it special? 

  • I mentioned a couple things earlier. Having a piece of furniture that’s functional is essential, especially in a tiny house. But what really got us was the design and the detail of the Module. It’s a really sexy couch. And the different color palettes and texture options are impressive. From velvet, to microfiber, to woven. I literally want them all. There’s a module Sofabed for every taste and design palette. If Nouhaus is willing, I will use one in every single one of my future builds.

What little detail or unexpected feature do you love about your new sofa?

  • The back of the Module is just as attractive as the front. They have the same stitching pattern so there’s no need to back the module up against a wall or have a table behind it to hide the back. The module can be the show stopping centerpiece of any space, full 360! 


Would you recommend Nouhaus to a friend? Who do you think would benefit from getting a Module?

  •  I would recommend the Nouhaus Module to anyone looking to enhance their living space. For reasons of functionality, or style. As of now, the module Sofabed has my heart. However, with people working remotely, office spaces have become more in demand. So I’ll be looking to incorporate work spaces in my future builds. I know Nouhaus offers a great line of ergonomic office chairs. So we’ll see what the next adventure has in store!

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