Why we love our Nouhaus?

Oscar: I love Nouhaus because the ErgoPro made working from home feel so comfortable!

Sam: I suffer from chronic lower back pain. Sitting (in anything: car, bench, chair) for more than 30 min results in throbbing pain. The Ergo3D  changed all that. It improved my sitting posture. It's got an airy mesh seat and back. I can sit for hours now without back fatigue or pain. My Nouhaus Ergo3D chair has been life changing.

Eileen: I love my nouhaus rewind office chair because of the retractable footrest, since I always tend to sit criss cross. It makes sitting for long periods of time so comfortable!

Kristy: I love my Nouhaus Classic Massage Chair because it helps me alleviate and relax my stiff neck and back at the end of the day. Also, it makes my living room look way prettier.

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Nathalia: I love my nouhaus massage chair because it is the ultimate relaxation and I can’t wait to get home to it after a long days work. I also love that I can use it as a rocking chair for my nursery and my baby loves the bluetooth speaking when we jam to top hit nursery rhymes.


Nicky: I love my Nouhaus chair because not only is it incredibly comfortable but it also is aesthetically pleasing. It doesn't take away from the design of my house or comfort of my body.

Sophia: I love my nouhaus rewind because having a comfortable chair with so many adjustable features really enhances my productivity when I’m working

Erin: I love my Nouhaus Module because I can transform the sofa to create an extra cozy movie night with the Sofa-bed.

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